Pasadena Coherent is no longer taking orders.

To all who helped make Pasadena Coherent a great part of my life for over four years — not just my clients, but those who derived some benefit from my open source software and 3D models — thank you.

I would like to continue making open source software and 3D models. However, the work I have taken on will demand much of my cognitive resources. Therefore, such efforts will have to be on a "hobby" basis.

All other projects are on indefinite hold. I am not sure whether I'll have enough bandwidth to work on them for the forseeable future. I may release the effector as an open source project at some point in the future, as I doubt I'll have the bandwidth to handle selling them. You see, my downtime is very important to me, and I love to read.

I will leave the site up as a reminder to myself and others of what once was, and because I like to admire my work.

Take it easy!

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