Printed Circuit Board:

A thin board, usually made from silicon, upon which electronic components are interconnected with copper traces.

Part of a custom microcontroller board designed in KiCad A custom Arduino-compatible microcontroller featuring an ATMega644 MCU, DS3231 real-time clock, nav switch, and power supply

PCB Design for Small Projects

Pasadena Coherent has from time to time found that the perfect circuit board for an application just isn't on the market. When this happens, it's necessary to either make do with a lesser solution, or create the right solution from scratch.

Current projects in prototype stage:

  • Six-button input (nav switch) with I2C interface
  • Arduino-compatible clock controller

Production Status

In order to avoid having to tool up for in-house PCB assembly, it is desired that these boards be produced and assembled 100% off-site by a contractor. A suitable one has been located, but due to the natue of some of the required ICs, they're expensive. Hopefully, a more economical solution will be found. For now, only prototypes exist, and mass production is not yet planned.

Design Service

Pasadena Coherent can design small, simple, 2- or 4-layer PCBs for you in KiCad. For ease of manufacturing, it is recommended that you specify parts from the Seeed OPL. If you wish to use a different board/PCBA house, see if their parts list is available for KiCad. It will make everything go much more smoothly. KiCad's stock part footprint library is not 100% accurate, and should not be relied on without verification.

  • The PCB design service is intended for simple electronics. High-fidelity analog design, impedance control, high power applications, complex digital circuits, and other advanced features will require subcontracting an electronics engineer at significant additional cost.
  • As implied, PasCo will not actually manufacture or assemble the boards. That's up to you.
  • Seeed Studio and OSH Park seem to be fairly popular board houses. Seeed has a full assembly service. OSH Park does not.

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