The set of electromechanical components on a robot that are responsible for moving the effector to the desired location.

Pasadena Coherent is developing an effector and carriage set for Rostock-style delta 3D printers.

An effector for Rostock-type delta 3D printers The effector, produced in clear resin on a Form 2, with ball joints installed


  • The effector and carriages are printed on a Form 2 printer at 25-micron layer height (maximum resolution) for excellent dimensional accuracy. It takes an entire day to print one set.
  • The drivetrain ships with Haydn Huntley's chromed steel ball joints and carbon fiber magnetic arms. The arms feature the newer acetal cups for long service life (thousands of hours) with zero maintenance. Joint lubrication is not required, and should not be used.
  • The effector and carriages have printed-in threads to ensure that the ball joints are aligned perfectly. Each unit will ship with the joints already installed and calibrated for maximum positional accuracy.
  • Designed with the same center bore and hole pattern as SeeMeCNC's Rostock effector platforms. This ensures compatibility with a wide variety of accessories.
  • The carriages actuate the endstop switches directly. There are no adjustment screws. You can adjust the endstop offsets yourself in Repetier Host or anything that can send G-code, or you can use auto-calibration firmware that does it for you.
  • The carriages are designed to clamp to the existing GT2 belts and are compatible with all Rostock MAX and TrickLaser MAX Metal frames. They will work with any other delta printer that uses compatible tower and endstop configuration.

Production Status

The effector and carriages have been built and tested, and have performed very well. Heuristic machine calibration to within 50 microns is possible on a well-built frame. However, the carriage adaptor plates that the carriages are attached to are no longer produced. It will be necessary to design a replacement, probably using water jet-cut steel. Beta testing is on hold. There is no ETA.

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