Computer-Aided Design:

A process by which 2- or 3-dimensional designs are created in software.

Pasadena Coherent offers CAD services. Work is done in either Autodesk Fusion 360 (preferred) or SketchUp.

Lamp base including outer shell, PSP joystick carrier, internal support, Teensy++ 3 MCU carrier, and LED ring carrier An effector for Rostock-type delta 3D printers Design for a living room fireplace/media center area with electric fireplace, media equipment, and LED TV

Design Services Offered

  • Fixtures for 3D printers, CNC machines, workbenches, etc
    • Effectors and tool adapters (hot ends, Z-probes, dial gauges, pen holders, etc).
    • Extruder mounts (fixed or flying).
    • Counterweight systems.
    • Cable clips and masts.
    • Fan and blower ducts.
    • Spool holders.
    • Enclosures for microcontrollers.
    • Mounting brackets for power supplies and other components.
    • Hold-downs for feedstock.
    • Alignment fixturing (to align a workpiece corner to the machine's origin).

  • Small Electronics
    • Cases for microcontrollers (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc) and displays.
    • Lamps, clocks, and other desktop electronics.
    • Chassis for flying or ground-based drones.

  • Hand Tools
    • Small, hand-held tools used for measurements or other non-impact work.
    • Passive or mechanical.

  • Injection Molds and Investment Casting Forms
    • Small-volume injection molds and lost-wax investment casting forms can be created for printing on a Form 2 (ours or yours).

  • Rough Architectural Design
    • Rough designs for remodels or new construction. You can hand these to a general contractor, or an architect.
    • Single rooms (living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, conference rooms, etc).
    • Built-ins (cabinetry, fireplaces, seating areas, etc).
    • Trim around windows and doors, baseboards, picture rails, etc.
    • Stained glass windows.
    • Hardscaping and landscaping.
    • Specialty: Greene & Greene-inspired designs (Pasadena Craftsman).
    • Other architectural styles can be used (will require significant additional study, billed hourly).
    • Layout of complete structures (single- or multi-story) is best left to your architect. Such work is subject to many regulations depending on the city and neighborhood you live in. If you're under an HOA, or your house is on a historic registry or located in a designated historic neighborhood, there may be further restrictions. You should also expect there to be a limit on how many square feet of conditioned space you can have — usually a percentage of your lot's square footage — as well as encroachment planes.
    • Hire an architect whose portfolio already has examples of the style you desire. Many architects will claim that they can do "any style," but this is not necessarily so. Dozens of hours of study are required for even a basic understanding of the design grammar, and many simply will not do that.


Autodesk Fusion 360

  • Produces accurate and full-featured geometry, and error-free STL files.
  • Can read and write STEP and IGES files, making it ideal for modifying geometry created in most other CAD packages.
  • Timeline-based editing makes it very easy to modify features that other features depend on.
  • Recommended for almost all uses.


  • Has internal resolution limits that tend to cause coordinates and angles to drift, which can necessitate hours of rework.
  • Lacks many important features that are present in Fusion 360, and it tends to output damaged STL files.
  • Recommended only for rough architectural design (e.g., for communicating ideas to an architect, who will almost certainly use AutoDesk to implement them), or where an existing design has been created in SketchUp and needs to be modified.

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